Hi, I'm Jack.  In the "real world," I am an IT Consultant with my own business.   Welcome to my hobby. 

I have always been attracted to radio.  As a kid, I had walkie talkies, CB Radios and DX radios.  I learned morse code, built crystal radio sets and was always taking stuff apart and rebuilding it.  I had reel-to-reel, 8-track and cassette recorders as well as Radio Shack science experiment kits, intercom and telephone equipment  I think every Radio Shack anywhere in East Texas new me on a first name basis when I was growing up.

As I got older, the toys got more expensive and complicated.  I learned about boosting CB radio power, slow scan television not to mention getting my hands on a TRS-80 Model 1.  During the 80's, I maxed out that poor TRS-80, an Apple II plus and a Commodore 64.  I was lucky enough to get mentors that exposed me to Televideo computers, CP/M, Control Data and NEC business computers.  I had one of the first dial up modems in my hometown (300 baud acoustic coupler) and learned as much as I could about telecommunications - before the Internet was public.

One of my dreams was to be "on the radio."  I wanted to be a DJ.  I set up a "sketchy" studio in my parent's home and experimented and learned.  I enlisted in the Navy, but radio was nowhere on my radar till I came back home.  I got involved briefly with our local radio stations (KIMP / KPXI).  I also had the opportunity to work with our local UHF television station as well.  It was a brief flirtation, but it was not going to be my full time life.

For a time, I had the pleasure of working in both radio and Information Technology with Scott Studios.  I learned a lot of basics about music, programming, scheduling and more.  I found myself more and more focused on making my living in networking and technology, but once you get the itch for radio and broadcasting - it just doesn't leave you.

Over time, life handed me opportunities and adventures which included being a single father and a business owner.  I landed in Granbury, Texas and had an opportunity to go live on our local AM radio station and talk about technology.  It was in studio and once a week, but it was fun and broke the monotony for a brief time.  I became involved with the American Legion Post, Marine Corps League and Toys for Tots.  To get the word out, I had to get connected to the media which led me to Mike, Julie and KOME 95.3 FM.

Back in the Studio!
Mike and Julie became part of our family and included me (and my son) in all sorts of activities, not to mention helping raise the awareness for all of the charities and events that I had become involved with.  Mike started letting me come into the studio and talk about technology, and that became a regular thing.

At the same time, KOME was upgrading and Mike let me help with computer, equipment, social media and more.  But he also let me become more comfortable behind the mic as well.  Let me tell you, once radio gets into your blood stream, it doesn't go away.  I helped Mike and Julie as much as I could up to the point that Mike left us.  You might say that God needed a DJ in heaven, and that was Mike.  I stayed on and helped as much as I could.  KOME became KHITs 95.5.  I was also able to help out with KTLU and KEBE.  At some point, it became too much to do and run my business as well.  I helped launch some online stations, but it wasn't a good fit for me.

I decided I missed doing radio, but I wanted to do it "my way."  In 2023, I launched my own online station for my own personal "fun."  It is not going to be formal, it is just a hobby.  If anyone listens to it, I hope you find something you like.  

As far as the "sponsors" go, they are my friends.  They own businesses, and I appreciate their support in my life.  If I can trust them, so can you.
I am hoping my hobby may help  their businesses as well.

This is my hobby.  If you're looking for a business-to-business IT consultant - I'm that guy!